Race Technical Support

The Gas Gas professional technical support program for enduro / motocross and trial competitions.

Mechanic service
You can book the mechanic service at the same time as you book your race bike. Then you can hand in the bike every day after the finish for washing and servicing. If any repairs are needed, they'll be done overnight. You will be allocated your own mechanic, who will be responsible for your bike throughout the race and who will always be available to support you.
During the race we will service your bike at the designated service checkpoints.
Mechanic service without a rental bike
The mechanic service is also available to participants using their own Gas Gas bikes.
Rental price and breakable parts
The rental price covers the provision of the bike, petrol and normal wear and tear on the bike.
Breakable parts and damaged plastic parts will be invoiced to you. Labor for the replacements is included in the rental price.
Petrol, starting numbers and GPS
The organisers provide petrol during the race, and the rental price covers the first tank prior to the start.
You will also get your starting number from the organisers.
The rental price does not include a GPS device. GPS is not available from us.